Best revenge of the ex movies based on zodiac sign

Best revenge of the ex movies based on zodiac sign

Love is wonderful until it isn't. Even if we try to move on, many of us have exes who remind us of the past — the good, the bad, and the ugly — on Valentine's Day. Breaking up is difficult, and someone is always harmed in the process (both parts are inevitable). And, on occasion, ex-lovers seek vengeance in their own unique way (whether passive, confrontational, or through humorous taunting) in order to remind us of what we've lost. While we've moved on, it's fascinating to observe how they show their grief. The same is true for the signs of the zodiac.

Astrological symptoms and symptoms can display us how human beings react and deal with breakups and exes. Each signal handles the death of a dating differently, that is why we composed a listing of vengeful ex films through zodiac signal to assist the broken-hearted — satisfied Valentine's Day!




Broken Hearts Gallery

If there is anyone who can make lemonade out of lemons, it’s Aries. They are always improving and changing their lives on a whim. Aries have the power to transform and evolve for the better, especially after having a heartbreak. Broken Hearts Gallery centers around Lucy, an art curator, who’s able to use her pain as motivation to start a gallery honoring all of her former relationships. Long story short, her gallery becomes a success, she heals in the process, and her exes feel the wrath of her pain. As Lucy and Aries know, the best revenge is living well.


Addicted To Love

Ruled by the planet of love and money, Venus, Tauruses give their all to their partners. When it’s over, they have a hard time letting go. This means that sometimes they can be emotional and relationship hoarders. Addicted to Love focuses on Maggie and Sam, whose boos have left them to be with the other’s ex (basically their exes swapped them). Like any Bull would, they carefully plot their strategy for the long burn. And, just like any Taurus, they feel bad having done so. They take a note from Venus and move on, opening their hearts to each other.


John Tucker Must Die

If there’s any sign who knows that in order to get back with someone, they must commit fully, it’s Gemini. Their mischievous behavior wants the person who scorned them to know how it feels to be hurt. After all, what’s fair is fair. John Tucker Must Die centers around a bunch of high school students who have been played by the popular jock, John Tucker. As any dualistic Gemini would, they devise a plot to bring him down and make him suffer by plotting a scheme to break his heart big time. Every Gemini knows, what goes around comes around.


Woman On Top

When Isabella finds her womanizing husband, Toninho, cheating on her, she runs away from Brazil to San Francisco where she does cord-cutting magic with her bestie to get over him. Upon arriving in the Bay Area, she gets a cool cooking show on TV that enchants the whole city. And, her ex scrambles to find ways for her to fall back in love with him. As any Cancer knows, it’s hard to move on, even if you’ve done all the spiritual work to ensure that. Love conquers all. But, it’s OK to torment an ex in the healing process.


Forgetting Sarah Marshall

As any Leo knows, the worst thing a partner could do is break their heart without any reason why or not being honest with them. Also, getting over an ex is hard, especially when they are everywhere (because they’re famous and their new boo is a celeb too). Sarah Marshall isn’t straight up with Peter Bretter (who’s served as her arm candy on the red carpet for many years) which crushes him to the core (Leo’s worst nightmare). Needless to say, his ego is broken until he finds someone else who gives him all the attention and TLC he needs.



Virgos have a chill personality until their patience is exhausted. This usually happens after they’ve given someone a million chances to be honest and are lied to. Once that boundary and sense of security has been breached, then there is no turning back for them. They usually go right for the jugular in how they seek reparations for their heartache. The same sentiment is shown in Acrimony, when Melinda’s husband cheats on her after years of gaslighting her suspicions. To make matters worse, she put in the time, money, and energy supporting him while his career was growing.


The Incredible Jessica James

It really is awful when your crush’s former lover comes back into their life and tries to start the relationship back up. Even having them lingering around in the ether can make anyone feel insecure. In the film The Incredible Jessica James, the ex-wife of Jessica’s new dude tries to make a move with him, which Jessica sees. While Libras are confident, they don’t like having other people creating messy drama in their relationship, especially an old flame. Not only that, but they’ll forgive their partner (like Jessica) if they promise their boo a bright future.


Bad Boys For Life

Warning: This description contains spoilers. Hell hath no fury like a Scorpio ex scorned. When they are broken-hearted, they’ll seek revenge like no other — even if that means sabotaging the life of their former lover by using magic and creating a worldwide vengeance that spans countries and time on them. Bad Boys For Live centers around a woman jilted by Detective Mike Lowrey (Will Smith), who gets even (or tries to) for sending her to jail after they have a torrid hot romance and son together because of her illicit criminal activities. All is fair in love and war.


Legally Blonde

When Elle Woods is drop by her old boo as a result of she’s not “serious” enough, she will what each Sag who’s ever been place down does: aim to prove them wrong. though Elle goes to Harvard school of law alone to win her ex back, she realizes that she’s smart, gains confidence, and involves the conclusion that she’s sooo far better than her ex. In true Sagittarius form, she has the last word by being the scholar of their class, having a beautiful work chance on the horizon, friendships, and a substantiative groom-to-be — whereas he finishes up with nothing. Drop mic!


Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

Capricorn is known for reflecting on the past and feeling sentimental about it. This is why they enjoy Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind the best. Joel and Clementine's relationship was rocky, which is why they split up. Their memories are wiped in their desire to get over each other. It doesn't help them, though, because they both crave for the other. Yes, there was a lot of commotion. There was, however, a lot of affection. The moral of the story is that you can't forget the good moments, no matter how painful it is. You are a product of your past.


Always Be My Maybe

When  early life BFFs (Sasha and Marcus) have a one night time stand, matters can get awkward — specially in the event that they haven’t spoken for 15 years and randomly encounter every other. In an attempt to make the vibe much less weird, they completely embody the pleasant Aquarian strength and try and be besties again (which backfires on each of them, specifically whilst Keanu Reeves, who performs himself withinside the film, begins offevolved courting Sasha). Like all Aquarius’ knows, being buddies with a former flame ought to be dealt with with care and really delicately (commonly due to the fact a person usually has residual feels for the other).


Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Scott Pilgrim is charmed when he encounters Ramona Flowers. Ramona's many exes, unbeknownst to Scott, are still in love with her and will stop at nothing to see their relationship collapse. True to Pisces' passionate nature, this film is about how far a person will go to defend their boo's dignity and win their heart. After he wards off her exes who are unstoppable in reclaiming their relationship with Ramona (especially Gideon, who is just evil and obsessive about getting Ramona back), this movie gives the happy couple a happy ending — after he wards off her exes who are unstoppable in reclaiming their relationship with Ramona (especially Gideon, who is just evil and obsessive about getting Ramona back).