Everything You Need to Know About Leo Rising And Its Effect On Your Personality

Everything You Need to Know About Leo Rising And Its Effect On Your Personality

Leo rising, you are lively, instinctive, feline and observant. You are perceived as a confident person, who imposes their ideas without taking into account other people's opinions. Driven by your desire to live life to the fullest, you have a taste for luxury and expensive things. You have a very pronounced taste for luxury and expensive things, that said, you know how to remain reasonable for the most past. Discover the main traits associated with this ascendant and how this aspect can influence your personality and your daily life. Our astrologer; Susan Taylor, reveals all the facets of your character.


What are people born with Leo rising like?

Leo rising individuals love having all eyes on them and aren’t afraid to step into the spotlight for maximum attention. They have magnetic personalities and always stand out from the crowd; blending in is totally out of the question for these people. Their self-confidence and self-esteem are remarkable and help them see through the toughest of situations. Image is very important for Leo rising, which explains why they spend lots of time on their appearance, including preparing their outfits. This personality component also has an explosive side which means these people can’t be walked all over

It's impossible not to notice a Leo ascendant when you see one. These folks have natural charisma that attracts everyone's attention. Indeed, this component brings pride, power, ambition, passion and self-confidence to your daily life. It is a strong ascendant that electrifies your astrological sign and offers you leadership qualities. 


What this rising sign brings to your daily life

It gives both zodiac signs a lift, giving timid zodiac signs strength and self-confidence, which is awesome. Ses quiet personalities eventually dare to come out of their shells to fulfill their dreams under its influence. But beware: it can be destructive when combined with those astrological signs that are already fiery, such as the Fire signs (Sagittarius, Leo, and Aries).



The associated strengths are weaknesses

A Leo ascendant is never neutral or discreet! It strongly influences your astrological sign, for better or worse! Let's start with the beautiful assets brought by Leo; these include charisma, passion, authority, loyalty, fidelity, ambition and generosity to name a few. On the weakness side, how can we not mention your oversized ego? You can be annoying when you think you are above the rest, so stop underestimating the people around you.


The influence of Leo rising in love:

When it comes to seduction, Leo rising, you are the best and people naturally envy your skills. Your allure captivates people and your gift with words helps inspire confidence. In love you are looking for some to nurture and spoil and maybe even show off to your friends! You have expensive taste and like to sweep your partner of their feet in a demonstration of your feelings. Your sex appeal is off the charts and gets lots of people's heads spinning!



Aries sun Leo rising; star quality

The mixture of two fire signs creates a truly explosive personality that is completely head turning. Your creativity and dynamic side are very impressive and it should also be said that you are blessed with immense charisma. You are passionate, talented, brave and original and people love you for it! You choose to dream big and really do aim to reach for the stars in everything you do. You really are a star, which explains why you love the limelight so much.

How the Leo ascendant influences Aries

Leo ascendant gives you the confidence you need to pick yourself up from hurtful defeats, failures and rejections. The Leo ascendant reassures Aries in matters of love and helps guide them to their happiness.


Taurus sun Leo rising; a brilliant mix

This mixture is a fascinating blend of characters and is someone everyone loves to be around. You appreciate the finer things in life and try to make the most of every single moment. Your positive personality is very attractive and people are naturally drawn to your bubbliness. Although not everything is perfect in your life, when it comes to love, you know exactly what you want. You love being in relationships and having someone to spoil.

How the Leo ascendant influences Taurus

The Leo ascendant gifts Taurus with an extremely strong character, which means walking all over them is next to impossible. Nothing can hold you down, when you encounter failure, you always come back stronger than ever.


Gemini sun Leo rising; a generous blend

This combination makes for a kind and caring mixture. You have a ginormous heart and always want to give the best of yourself in any situation. You are very impressive and always leave a positive and lasting impression on people you meet. Your qualities are endless and the great thing about you is that you know exactly where you are heading. Nothing scares you, once you have found an interesting idea, you just run with it.

How the Leo ascendant influences Gemini

The Leo ascendant makes Gemini into a real love doctor. Leo has amazing powers of seduction and attraction that really do compliment the Gemini personality very well. Leo rising also encourages the Gemini zodiac sign to reflect on things and to think before acting.


Cancer sun Leo rising; an intuiting mixture of personalities

Fire meets water in this instance, and it makes for a truly interesting blend of characters. As a Cancer, you can be frank and direct, but the Leo ascendant adds a certain sensitivity to your personality. The added sensitivity means you are well-rounded and are able to successfully interact with all sorts of personalities. You are spontaneous, gentle and very charismatic. When it comes to love and relationships, you know exactly what to do and always have great advice for others too.

How the Leo ascendant influences Cancer

Sheer determination is the most standout quality in the Cancer sun Leo rising alliance. You are a winner and will stop at nothing to be successful in your professional life. You are a risktaker and your gambles almost always pay off.


Leo sun Leo rising; a true star

You are the true star of the zodiac! Dynamic, positive, bubbly and funny, you have immense confidence in yourself and do everything possible to succeed. You love proving people wrong and showing them what you are really capable of. You are ruthlessly ambitious and have very exciting plans for the future. Your determination is one of your greatest qualities and makes you very successful in all areas of life.

How Leo rising influences Leo

The Leo ascendant is incredibly determined and really does have a hard time accepting failure. You love being faced with challenges and get a thrill out of pushing yourself hard. You are a true competitor and really can’t stand losing.


Virgo sun Leo rising; down-to-earth and real

This is an honest and touchingly authentic blend of personalities. The Leo ascendant encourages you to be confident in your abilities. The Leo rising sign adds a critical edge to your personality and makes you very demanding, which often complicates things for you when it comes to love. You have trouble trusting people and opening up, but when you find people you consider loyal, you make them your friends forever. Virgo sun Leo rising really is a winning combination.

How Leo rising influences Virgo

The Leo ascendant is usually fairly standoffish, but combined with Virgo, Leo becomes a very sociable person. The Leo ascendant gives you the power and confidence to express your opinions in all circumstances.


Libra sun Leo rising; a lovely mixture

Love is very important to Libra sun Leo rising. You are a naturally warn, fun and loving person who loves spending time with friends and family. When you are faced with doubts regarding love and your relationships, the Leo ascendant encourages you to make the right decisions for you. Marriage plays an important factor in Libra sun Leo rising. Exceptional adventures await this duo of personalities.

How Leo rising influences Libra

The Leo ascendant adds a real touch of spice to the Libra zodiac sign. Although Libra is kind and sweet, Libra isn’t someone people can walk all over. Leo encourages Libra to stand up for themselves and to defend their opinions.


Scorpio sun Leo rising; a strong blend of characters

Scorpio sun Leo rising is certainly not someone to be messed with! Surprising, eccentric and extroverted, the association of these two signs is certainly intriguing. You are ambitious, courageous and hardworking which bodes very well for your projects and life dreams. You are so passionate about your ideas that you can at times come across as aggressive and too pushy. You feel as if it’s your duty to stand up for yourself and defend your opinions when faced with adversity.

How Leo rising influences Scorpio

The Leo ascendant adds a fair amount of fighting spirit to the Scorpio zodiac sign. Whenever you are faced with problems, the Leo ascendant gives you the determination and strength to get through them easily.


Sagittarius sun Leo rising; fire meets fire

This is certainly is a fiery mixture of personalities! You are in fact impulsive, instinctive and strongminded. As a curious and optimistic person, people love being around you and spending time with you. Leo rising adds a strong need for independence and freedom to your personality. You love of independence means that holding down a serious relationship is often a huge challenge for you. If you are looking for a serious relationship, you’ll have to make lots of compromises in order for things to work out.

How the Leo ascendant influences Sagittarius 

The Leo ascendant is very attached to the notion of hard work and therefore encourages Sagittarius to give 100% in all areas of their life. Leo also gives the Sagittarius personality a notion of fantasy and craziness. Life is fun thanks to Leo!


Capricorn sun Leo rising; a dangerous mix

The alliance of these two signs is definitely explosive. Capricorn is a zodiac sign known for its coldness whereas Leo is known for its fieriness. The Leo ascendant reinforces your struggle to trust people and can give you a haughty attitude. You are determined, efficient and involved in everything you do, which is why you make such a fantastic leader. Your talents are endless and everything you put your hand to succeeds. Nothing is too difficult or challenging for Capricorn sun Leo rising!

How Leo rising influences Capricorn

The Leo ascendant reinforces Capricornwhere relationships are concerned. The Leo ascendant pushes you to support your partner on a daily basis and encourage them in everything they do. Leo makes you into the perfect partner.


Aquarius sun Leo rising; a joyful combination

This is a truly happy and positive mix of personalities. You are blessed with incredible instinct, amazing intelligence and seductive charisma, although you are at times too idealistic. Your need to see life through rose tinted glasses means you are often left disappointed by other people’s behavior. You are passionate about your beliefs, so much so that you can at times try and impose them on other people. 

How the Leo ascendant influences Aquarius

Your need for independence is definitely strengthened by the presence of the Leo ascendant. Aquarius sun Leo rising, you are a creative person and your brain is so active that you often need time alone to reflect on things.


Pisces sun Leo rising; a loving mix

Friends and family are very important for Pisces sun Leo rising and you really would do anything for them. Giving advice and listening to people’s problems really are two of your specialties. Leading a balanced and harmonious life is very important to you and helps you feel good about yourself. You are very romantic and passionate and when you are in a relationship, you give all of your heart and soul. Making other people happy is your mission. Pisces sun Leo rising is a graceful mixture of sweet personalities.